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ABE was founded in Q3 of 2018 and, without any funding, we have grown from nothing to having the backing of hundreds of UK businesses with billions in turnover and 50,000 UK employees.  The last few months have seen ABE and our businesses making national front page news (twice) as well as attracting coverage from the BBC, Channel 4, the Guardian, the Express and CityAM among others.We are now in regular correspondence with MPs and members of the Lords from across the political spectrum. It is crucial that both Houses understand the widespread support there is for a buccaneering Global Brexit within the business community.


If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or are otherwise involved in running a business, email us. We would love to hear from you and would be delighted to add your name on ABE's behalf.

On Friday 28 September we published a letter in the national press signed by 200 entrepreneurs and business owners. The letter insisted the Government must 'Chuck Chequers', expedite WTO preparation and pivot towards a Canada style free trade deal. 


In November, working alongside Leave Means Leave, we produced a further letter signed by hundreds of business leaders, whose companies employ 10,000's of employees and billions in revenue. This asked all MPs to vote down Theresa May' deal. This made the front page of the Daily Telegraph. 

ABE played a part in uniting 17 disparate Leave groups in openly calling for the Government to expedite preparations for an exit on WTO terms, urging MPs not to be afraid. This letter went to every MP in the country.

ABE have also been featured in the Guardian, CityAM and the Express as  well as making appearances on the BBC and Channel 4.

Below is an interview our Founders, Tom and Ed did with Christopher 'Chopper' Hope of the Daily Telegraph. 


Click the button to listen.

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