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"They voted to shape a brighter future for our country.

They voted to leave the European Union and embrace the world.

And they did so with their eyes open: accepting that the road ahead will be uncertain at times,
but believing that it leads towards a brighter future for their children - and their grandchildren too

Rt Hon Theresa May, 17 August 2017, Lancaster House 

Our aim is to influence government policy towards a Brexit that respects the vision of the Lancaster House speech, allowing British business to flourish on a global scale, whilst also ensuring that they are prepared for and consulted about the challenges ahead. This now means preparing for trading on the WTO framework and taking all necessary steps unilaterally and domestically to support British businesses as they pivot towards the world's growth areas. 

We are campaigning for an outcome that gives the United Kingdom:

  • Control of our own laws

  • Free and fair trade with European markets

  • New trade agreements with other countries

  • Making Britain the best place for science and innovation

This starts with abandoning the Withdrawal Agreement completely.

Whichever way you voted, the 'deal', which the House of Commons has roundly rejected, is the worst of all worlds for British business and the people of the United Kingdom. It ties us to EU laws we have no say over, stifling innovation and allowing British business interests to be traded away cheaply and ignored. 

Further, it ties Britain so tightly into the EU's regulatory orbit as to make Free Trade Agreements with other countries almost impossible. Brexit should be a catalyst for change, an opportunity to forge new alliances and re-kindle old friendships. The Prime Minister's deal tramples that vision, leaving Britain and its business community as mute vassals. 

It is already a busted flush. It has been soundly rejected by the European Union and our own Parliament. The Government must drop it immediately as an expensive waste of time and effort. Businesses will not tolerate more uncertainty on behalf of a proposal that is doomed to fail.

The Alliance of British Entrepreneurs is positive about the opportunities of Brexit for British business and British workers. With only weeks to go until our exit, we advocate immediate preparation for trading on WTO terms with sensible side arrangements where possible. Only when the European Union recognises this will we see an immediate pivot to discussions on a free trade deal, our ultimate aim. 

British business must be given the chance to lead on a global scale. It is time for the Government to listen.